• PCI Compliance

    Aperia's PCI Compliance suite manages compliance for merchants level 1-4 in a Cloud environment, plus terminal verification, scanning, merchant education, and online SAQs.

    In addition to the customer service module, financial institutions also receive the benefit of analytics, statistics, SAQ fulfillment, and more.

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  • PCI Compliance

    Compliance made simple, so you can get back to business.

    Aperia's PCI Compliance suite is a Cloud solution to balance the importance of governance with the ultimate need to focus on operations and customers. With the legalities covered, you’re free to focus on business.

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  • PCI Compliance

    With views for both acquirers and their downstream partners, PCI Compliance suite is designed for merchant experience and compliance reporting.

    And with RapidScan and call center backup support provided by Aperia, your compliance needs just got easier.

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PCI Compliance Features


Designed for ease of use and merchant self service, Aperia’s PCI compliance module allows merchants to achieve PCI compliance with greater ease than ever before.


Flexible for multiple brands so every merchant sees the names they’re used to. Build your brand along with your downstream partners’ brands simultaneously on the same platform.


Merchant self-assessment questionnaires lead merchants through guidelines for better security and ultimately PCI compliance.


Take volume off your call center with Aperia’s backup telephone help desk to support merchants working through PCI compliance. Over 50% of merchants who call in become compliant on the first call.


Unlimited on-demand scanning.

Additional Info

Aperia has led PCI compliance efforts on behalf of millions of merchants, providing self-service tools and help desk support to heighten compliance levels with a minimum of cost and interruption. Merchant SAQs both assess and teach as merchants explore questions about handling of sensitive card data.